4 Climbers Have Died Within 4 Days While Climbing Mount Everest

Four climbers have died within four days during climbing expeditions at Mount Everest, according to reports.

Since Thursday, visitors from Australia, India and the Netherlands lost their lives trying to reach the tallest peak, ABC reports. The weekend also reportedly brought the death of a local Sherpa guide, and the disappearance of two Indian climbers – Paresh Nath and Goutam Ghosh – who are still missing.

According to CNN, two of the climbers died of altitude sickness, one suffered a fatal fall and officials belief the other victim died from a heart attack.

“The most common cause for death on Everest is the altitude. There’s not even oxygen there,” Dan Stretch, a senior specialist in the operations department at a rescue organization for the mountain, told ABC. “The weather can change very quickly. It can be fine one minute and then force winds and heavy snow the next minute.”

Wancgchu Sherpa, who works with Trekking Camp Nepal, told the Associated Press that the climbers who are still lost were last seen near the Everest summit.

The four dead are the first victims of the 2016 climbing season, which reportedly peaks in April and May before petering out, as those months tend to have less wind to interrupt the climb.

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