5 Late Greats We’d Like to See Tyler Henry Channel on Hollywood Medium

Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry is, as you may have guessed, a show in which Tyler Henry acts as a spiritual medium to members of the various echelons of Hollywood. In one recent clip, he connects Bella Thorne with her deceased father.

While Henry, 20, usually works with the living to channel their relatives, it would be pretty interesting if he were able to channel the souls of any deceased Hollywood celebrity. In that spirit (pun intended), and with the show’s new season premiering Sunday, I’d love to see an episode or five of the show where Henry spends time channeling the spirits of …

Bob Hoskins

If only to watch the wispy, blond Henry channel the bullish, belligerent presence of one of the most simultaneously menacing and vulnerable titans of English cinema.

Bruce Lee

I’m not exactly sure how channeling works, but if I can watch just a few minutes of Henry with Lee’s spirit inside of him, it’ll be worth it. I apologize in advance to anyone injured during this process; I assume there will be a lot of kicking.

Dennis Hopper

Mostly just to watch Hopper’s wonderful monologue from Apocalypse Now (which starts at around 3:20 in the clip above). “Did you know ‘if’ is the middle word in ‘life’?” Plus, whatever Hopper’s learned on the other side, it probably doesn’t compare to his life on Earth, and it’d be great to hear about that.

Eartha Kitt

They broke the mold when they made Kitt. I’d rather watch Henry spend a few minutes with her spirit inhabiting him than hear about some C-list star’s uncle trying to reach him. And then she can sing “Santa Baby” through him.

Michael Clarke Duncan

Duncan was taken from us far too soon. While his performance in The Green Mile is still his greatest achievement, Clarke’s comedic talents should not be undersold. An evening hanging out with him through Henry would be unforgettable.

Catch Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry on E! Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET.

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