6 Downton Abbey Spin-Offs We Need To See

It may be the end of the beloved drama Downton Abbey, but it doesn’t have to be the end for our favorite characters.

Here are just a few spin-offs fans would definitely tune in to watch!

1. Top Gear – hosted by Tom Branson and Henry Talbot

Henry may have married Mary, but we all know Tom is his true BFF. Throughout the last season of the show, the two have bonded big time – mostly over their love of cars. Combine that with their respective British and Irish backgrounds, and they’re a perfect fit to take over the U.K.’s favorite car show, Top Gear.

2. Edith’s Big Adventure

An alternate name for Downton Abbey could be The Depressing Life of Lady Edith, after everything she went through on the show, including being left at the altar, having a child out of wedlock (a big no-no at the time), losing her boyfriend after finding out he was married and dealing with her sister’s constant sass. So it would be nice to see Edith post-series finale, enjoying life at Brancaster with her new husband Bertie – and outranking her entire family.

3. Mrs. Patmore on the Food Network

After six season in the Downton kitchens, Mrs. Patmore knows a thing or two about preparing meals for picky crowds. She’s more than earned her own spot on the Food Network – just think of her as the English answer to Julia Child!

4. Etiquette Hour with Mr. Carson

Now that he’s retired from his post as Downton’s butler, Mr. Carson needs something to keep himself occupied in a suitably dignified way. And what does he do best? Making sure everyone follows the rules. Just picture it: Mr. Carson, walking the halls of Downton, teaching the masses all about proper uses for each individual fork and how to address people with varying titles. Fun – and educational.

5. Live from the Red Carpet with the Dowager Countess

Since the death of the late great Joan Rivers, no one has been able to match her hilarious wit when it comes to critiquing celebrity fashion. Well, we know one woman whose tongue is as sharp as Rivers was – and her schedule just opened up!

6. Daisy’s Divine Hairdos

After she attacked her hair with a pair of scissors and the same level of enthusiasm that Isobel takes to each and every one of her charitable causes, it became clear that Daisy has a future outside of Downton – and it’s on YouTube. We foresee her starting her own channel and teaching the masses about how to master the ’20s bob. (But she should probably watch a few tutorials herself first!)

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