Alec Baldwin Says He and Wife Hilaria Don’t Plan on Having Any More Kids After Baby No. 3

While Alec Baldwin says he and wife Hilaria are “very lucky” with their two young children (and baby no. 3 on the way), they don’t plan on having a fourth.

“We had our daughter and we said, ‘How could another one of these be wrong?’ Then we had our son, and we said, ‘How could another one of these be wrong?’” Baldwin, 58, told PEOPLE at Stand Up to Cancer’s Standing Romm Only Saturday night event (sponsored by American Airlines and Merck) at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City. “But now we’re thinking, if we had another one, it wouldn’t be wrong, but it would be very stressful. We’re very lucky, we’re very happy.”

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin
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(In September, soon after son Rafael‘s June birth, Baldwin told PEOPLE, “I’m dying to have another child with my wife.”)

And though both daughter Carmen and Rafael are under the age of 3, that hasn’t slowed them down one bit. “Our children are like squirrels in the yard,” Baldwin joked.

“I’m very excited, but I want my wife to have some time off,” he said of her third pregnancy. (Her response? “I told him we need to put a TV in our bedroom.”)

“We have 12 children at home with the sitter,” pregnant Hilaria said, adding, “Carmen put shoes on from my closet and was trying to come with us tonight,” she added.

For now, an ideal date night for mom and dad is “dinner with the two of us when we get to go to bed early,” Hilaria said. So what comes next, if not more kids?

“Vacation,” Baldwin said — eventually.

“I just worry about my wife and I want her to rest,” he said. “So after this is over, we’re going to work hard and play hard. A lot of vacations.”

— Jeffrey Slonim

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