Candace Cameron Bure is uncomfortable with foul language on ‘The View’

Candace Cameron Bure made it known on Tuesday she is uncomfortable when her “View” co-hosts use a certain term to refer to women.

Bure revealed that she has made it known to her co-hosts she doesn’t like being called a bitch.

Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that once Bure expressed her feelings, the cast of “The View” stopped calling her that.

“I still hear it around the table,” Bure noted.

She was speaking up after a conversation about Donald Trump’s use of an obscene word on the campaign trail.

Bure, in speaking about Trump, brought up her own experiences on the set of the talk show.

The hosts all indicated they had previously been made aware of the fact that Bure takes issue with the word.

Goldberg said she has cut down on using it, except when she feels she can’t resist.

Joy Behar wrapped the moment with a joke.

“I have yet to call someone a skinny bitch, and they say ‘how dare you call me a skinny bitch?’”

The Twitterverse took notice of the exchange and some sided with the “Fuller House” star.

@TheView But, just like all the other derogatory words, I find that word offensive. I’m with Candace on this one. Let’s NOT use it.

— Jessica M. Bailey (@baileyone23) February 9, 2016

Others were puzzled by her reaction.

@candacecbure Get with it Candace. You couldn’t be that shielded that a term of endearment would bother you so.

— Dale Edgerton (@DaleEdgerton) February 9, 2016

I wonder if Candace told Bob Saget his foul language made her feel uncomfortable during all those years of taping Full House w/him. #TheView

— Ngozi (@I_AmShe__) February 9, 2016

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