Donald Trump’s Longtime Butler Dishes On His Boss: Well-Done Steaks, Color-Coded Hats, and the Ex-Wife Who Swam Nude

Donald Trump‘s longtime butler at Mar-a-Lago, his 118-room Palm Beach estate, is spilling the beans on life inside the Florida manse.

“You can always tell when the king is here,” the 74-year-old Anthony Senecal told The New York Times Tuesday.

The story featured insider tidbits from Senecal such as that Trump likes his steak so well-done “it would rock on the plate.”

And, despite a hair salon on the premises, Trump does his own hair, the butler reveals. (However, Senecal handles the laundry – “in the full-service laundry in the basement.”)

Then there are visits from Trump’s high-level supporters. Senecal says he has found New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, for example, “lounging on a couch under the living room’s 21-foot gold-leafed ceiling.”

Senecal’s duties as butler also include that of personal cheerleader.

“Mr. Senecal knows how to stroke his ego and lift his spirits, like the time years ago he received an urgent warning from Mr. Trump’s soon-to-land plane that the mogul was in a sour mood,” writes the Times.

“Mr. Senecal quickly hired a bugler to play ‘Hail to the Chief’ as Mr. Trump stepped out of his limousine to enter Mar-a-Lago,” the story goes.

Trump’s moods, reveals Senecal, are reflected by the color of his hats.

“If the cap was white, the staff noticed, the boss was in a good mood. If it was red, it was best to stay away.”

As for “bathing trunks,” Trump rarely appears in any of any color because he does not like to swim, says Senecal.

The billionaire business mogul has a habit of generously tipping his groundskeepers “when the mood struck him, sometimes peeling $100 bills from a wad in his pocket…,” recounts the butler.

And Trump has a long habit of “self-soothing exaggerations.”

As a child, Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivana, slept in a room with nursery rhyme-themed tiles that her father boasted to guests were painted by a young Walt Disney.

When Trump caught Senecal rolling his eyes over that oft-repeated tale, Trump asked: “You don’t like that, do you?”

And Senecal, the so-called “house historian” would remind Trump that the tale is not true. “Who cares?” Mr. Trump would respond with a laugh, according to the report.

Senecal also dishes on Trump’s ex-wives, saying he found first wife Ivana “an especially demanding presence” who would occasionally tell Senecal to order the gardeners indoors so she could swim naked in the pool.

Senecal has worked for Trump for 30 years. When he tried to retire, Trump would not allow it.

“Mr. Senecal’s admiration for his longtime boss seems to know few limits,” states the Times. “On March 6, as Mr. Trump made his way through the living room on his way to the golf course, Mr. Senecal called out ‘All rise!’ to the club members and staff. They rose.”

As the report continues: “Mr. Trump was wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap. It was white, not red. He seemed in a good mood.”

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