Doris Day Wishes ‘Heartfelt Thanks’ to Fans After Birthday Photo Trends on Social Media

When Doris Day heard her exclusive 92nd birthday picture was trending on social media, she was pleased (and surprised) to hear about the huge response.

And while Day might not be too familiar with Facebook or Twitter, she was thrilled by the outpouring of well-wishers and the opportunity to raise awareness for the Doris Day Animal Foundation.

“I don’t know anything about (Facebook) trending, but if it gets people to help the precious four-leggers around the world, then it’s a pretty great trend!” says Day to PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. “My heartfelt thanks to EVERYONE who has made that happen.”

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These days, the screen and song legend uses her iPad mostly for listening to music, especially her favorites. “She listens to Perry Como, Vince Gill, Nat King Cole, the Mills Brothers and Ray Charles,” says her publicist Charley Cullen Walters. “Also recently her fan Scott Dreier’s new CD “The Doris Day Project”, which was performed at the birthday party which benefitted her animal foundation.

Still all the social media buzz hasn’t affected Day too much, other than giving her a pleasant birthday surprise. As she told PEOPLE, “I’m not really fond of birthdays anymore. Age is just a number. How you feel and live your life is more important.”

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