Escaped New York Convicts Had Plans to Run to Mexico Under Fake Names: Report

David Sweat and Richard Matt, the two convicts – in prison for murder – who escaped from an upstate New York Prison last year, had plans to go to Mexico under fake names, the Associated Press reports.

In a report release obtained by the AP, State Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott said the pair – who were aided by two employees of the Clinton Correctional Facility, who provided the men with tools to cut through their cell wall – were given an atlas by another prison employee, Joyce Mitchell.

Mitchell also made calls, asking about rental cabins in Vermont where the convicts could go after their escape, but once they realized the rentals were too expensive they decided on Mexico.

According to the AP, Matt said that he had connections to a drug cartel after having previously been incarcerated south of the border.

The pair had also already chosen their aliases. Sweat would reportedly go by James Tuttle while Mat would be called Tony Goya.

Aside from revealing the duo’s post-escape plans, the release also stated that the investigation placed blame on multiple issues within the prison, including staff complacency and faulty basic security procedures; a problem the prison reportedly had for some time.

Lapses in security ranged from employees entering the premise without having their bags searched to inattentive night counts and incomprehensive cell searches among other things, according to the AP.

“The extent of complacency and failure to adhere to the most basic security standards uncovered by my investigation was egregious and inexcusable,” Scott reportedly said.

Since the investigation, many employees of the prison have reportedly resigned or been terminated and further changes have been made.

On Monday, the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision told the AP that new equipment, including cameras and security gates have been installed, and a new superintendent has been names, along with a host of senior administrators.

After three weeks on the run, both Matt and Sweat were captured in late June. Matt was shot and killed in Malone, New York, just two days before police took Sweat into custody in the same city.

“I’m glad it’s over,” local resident Sherry Malone told PEOPLE at the time. “If you love in Malone you’ve been on high alert for the last week. This is awesome. We’ve been locking out doors and keeping out lights on all night long, stuff like that. This is a small town and normally we don’t have to lock our doors but we all have been.”

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