Eva Longoria Shares 7 Scent Secrets (Including What Her Wedding Will Smell Like!)

Eva Longoria has an impressive beauty background. She’s a L’Oréal brand ambassador. She has her own perfume. And she’s been giving us hair envy since her days as Miss Corpus Christi. So at a celebration for Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic White Diamonds fragrance, we drilled the beauty maven on what scents are important triggers for her.

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1. The first fragrance she ever owned: White Diamonds

“I remember saving my allowance for a White Diamonds,” the actress tells tells PeopleStyle. “I loved the bottle, and I remember it was such an aspirational thing to own. I was in high school, but fragrance was not a necessity in our home — it was like, ‘If you want that, you’re going to have to buy it yourself.’”

2. One scent she’ll always recognize no matter what: Grapefruit

“That’s a note in fragrance that I love because it’s clean and fresh — it smells like you just bathed.”

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3. The best-smelling place she’s ever visited: The Park Hyatt in Paris

“I love the smell of the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme,” she reminisces. “They have their own fragrance pumped through the hotel, and one time they gave me a bottle because they don’t sell it. I spray it in my bedroom. Not in my home — just in my bedroom.”

4. The scent that makes her feel cozy: Cooking

“What scent makes me feel at home? Probably cooking — the scent of cooking.”

5. The scent that reminds her of Desperate Housewives: Hairspray

“The scent that reminds me of my Desperate Housewives days is hairspray,” she laughs. “We were constantly working.”

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6. The scent that reminds her of her fiancé: Musk

“He wears different ones so it’s hard — it’s definitely musky,” she admits of her fiancé, Jose Antonio Baston‘s scent. “When I smell his aftershave or the cologne he uses… I think its sexy for a man to have a signature smell. I veto some! I don’t influence the choice, but I veto the bad ones. I have veto power.”

7. The scent she imagines for her wedding: Floral

“Jasmine and gardenia, like fresh flowers,” she says.

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