Ewan McGregor Has a Laugh After Almost Being Driven Off the Road

Leave it to Ewan McGregor to use the Force after being cut off in traffic.

The Star Wars alum, 45, spoke to PEOPLE about One Last Thing and recalled being recognized in L.A. gridlock. “A kid cut me off the other day,” McGregor tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “I was taking my little girl (Anouk, 5) to school. I’ve got an old Beetle that I drive around in and this kid was in a convertible Mustang and really almost hit me.”

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Ewan McGregor Has a Laugh After Almost Being Driven Off the Road| Ewan McGregor

The near miss sent McGregor’s car swerving into oncoming traffic. At the next light, “I pulled up alongside him, put my window down and said, ‘You just about drove me off the road!’ And he went, ‘What?’ And I saw the moment where he went, ‘Oh my God, Obi-Wan Kenobi is yelling at me,'” the actor recalls, laughing. “It was such a great moment for me, like, ‘You want to be more careful when you are driving, son.’ It was awesome.”

McGregor portrays Jesus in the new film, Last Days in the Desert. His next film, the spy thriller Our Kind of Traitor, hits theaters on July 1.

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