Forget Falsies! This Product Creates Long Lashes in Just One Swipe

If you want to look red carpet-ready like your favorite stars, you can finally forget trying to master the art of falsies. There’s a product out there that we’re deeming “falsies in a tube” because it creates bold, beautiful lashes in just one swipe — check out the video below to see the dramatic results.

All you need to do to get to Kardashian-levels of glam, is apply a coat of mascara, give your lashes a swipe of Lashfibres, wait 30 seconds and apply one more coat of mascara. And voilà, you’ll see your lashes immediately thicken and become longer. (Getting ready for a big event, or you know, date night, has never been easier.)

And unlike the alternatives which include pricey prescription drops (which could cause eye discoloration), not-so-effective lengthening mascara or traveling with your own professional glam squad, this won’t break the bank or cause any permanent effects. It costs $27, and with just two swipes per application, it’s the most economical (and effective!) product out there.

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–Colleen Kratofil

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