Hillary Clinton Wins Kentucky Primary as Bernie Sanders Takes Oregon

It’s a tie – sort of.

Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary in Kentucky Tuesday night by a narrow margin, while rival Bernie Sanders kept a little of his momentum going with a victory in Oregon.

While CNN reports that Clinton will remain the “unofficial winner” of the Kentucky race, both candidates were neck and neck with Clinton receiving 46.8 percent of the popular vote and Sanders garnering 46.3 percent. Each candidate received 25 delegates.

“I do believe… that based on what we are seeing coming in, that Kentucky will remain in a win column for the Clintons,” Kentucky secretary of state Alison Lundergan told CNN. “Hillary Clinton will be the unofficial winner.”

Although official results have not been called, Clinton still took to Twitter on Tuesday night rejoicing in the close victory.

“We just won Kentucky! Thanks to everyone who turned out. We’re always stronger united,” she tweeted.

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Clinton campaigned unexpectedly hard in Kentucky in hopes of slowing down Sanders’ momentum after his recent wins in Indiana and West Virginia. The former secretary of state launched television and radio ads in the Bluegrass State, and made 11 campaign stops there over the last two weeks, CNN reported.

Helping Clinton’s chances was the fact that Kentucky’s primary was closed, meaning only registered Democrats could vote. Clinton has won all of the 10 states that have held closed primaries prior to Tuesday night.

Oregon also held a closed primary but Clinton’s campaign had anticipated a loss in the Beaver State, which is among the country’s most liberal states and also home to one of Sanders’ biggest rallies, in Portland.

The Vermont senator took 28 of the 61 available delegates at only 60 percent reporting. Clinton took 24.

Overall, Sanders’ win in Oregon didn’t make much of a dent in Clinton’s overwhelming delegate lead. Nevertheless, the Vermont senator has vowed to stay in the race to “fight for every last vote.”

Meanwhile, an opponent-less Donald Trump won another primary in Oregon, where he racked up 66.6 percent of the popular vote. The presumptive GOP nominee already won the Republican primary in Kentucky on March 5.

A highly anticipated interview between Trump and Megyn Kelly aired Tuesday night on the Fox Broadcast special Megyn Kelly Presents.

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