How Bella Hadid Calms Her Runway Butterflies and More Exclusive Scoop From Her Joe’s Jeans Shoot

It seems you can’t walk past a billboard today without seeing a member of Kendall Jenner’s model squad — if it’s not Kendall for Calvin Klein, it’s Gigi Hadid for Maybelline or Hailey Baldwin for H&M. And Bella Hadid maybe the busiest of the bunch, walking for Chanel Haute Couture, covering Allure magazine and now, fronting a denim campaign for Joe’s Jeans. Check out the behind-the-scenes images and our exclusive interview, below.

bella hadid joe's jeansMichael Simon/StarTraks, courtesy Joe’s Jeans

Hadid, 19, joined male model Matthew Noszka and photographer Anthony Mandler in a vintage L.A. theater to shoot the brand’s new denim campaign. And the partnership was a natural fit for the girl who once claimed to own more than 200 pairs of jeans — but is always looking to add more to her collection.

“[Founder and creative director] Joe Dahan saw me as the ‘jeans girl’ and thought that I could reflect his inspiration for the upcoming season,” Hadid says, adding that her first pair of Joe’s was “the perfect black coated skinny pair,” though now she’s more into a boyfriend style.

And speaking of boyfriends, while Hadid’s significant other wasn’t there in person, he was there in spirit; The Weeknd was on heavy rotation on the soundtrack while she posed. That is, of course, when she wasn’t providing music of her own; she says the highlight of her day on-set was “playing the electric guitar,” which she and Noszka traded off, jamming in between takes.

bella hadid joe's jeansMichael Simon/StarTraks, courtesy Joe’s Jeans

Hadid looked like an old pro at the shoot, but she admits that she still gets jitters before a huge gig, like her first-ever couture walk this January. “I got huge butterflies!” she says. “But once you begin to understand the environment you are in, you realize that everyone around you is in the same state of mind, feeling the same excitement whether it’s the first time or not, and the most fun is the laughter and clapping backstage once the show ends.”

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She also has a few tricks to center herself when the nerves kick in: “I pair up with friends backstage so we can encourage one another, and I’ll listen to music on my headphones to get me excited and start moving around.”

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bella hadid joe's jeansMichael Simon/StarTraks, courtesy Joe’s Jeans

And even when off the runway, Hadid has rituals she indulges in around a big shoot; when she books something awesome, she’ll “call my best friend, enjoy a good dinner, and get a long night of sleep,” and on the day of the shoot, she’ll indulge in favorite foods including “avocado toast, grilled cheeses and veggie soups.”

bella hadid joe's jeansMichael Simon/StarTraks, courtesy Joe’s Jeans

Hadid had a hard time choosing a favorite denim style from the day — “Like I told the team on set, I wanted to take every pair home with me. I’d wear them every day if I could!” — but she knows that the journey to the perfect pair of jeans is always worth the extra effort, even when you don’t have a team of stylists picking them out for you. Her top denim advice: “Always buy a pair that fits you perfectly. Try on several pairs until you find the fit that is just for you.”

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–Alex Apatoff

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