Instagram’s Most Drool-Worthy Account Yet: Hot Dudes with Kittens

Like the majesty of two colorful arcs coming together to form a double rainbow, there are some things that work better in pairs. Hot guys and cats is such a combo.

Yes, both felines and handsome men are impressive on their own, but when they collide, damn. The cute, innocence of a kitty plays perfectly against the chiseled, come-hither hotness of a confident dude.

You don’t have to take our word for it. One enlightened Instagrammer has #blessed us with an entire account filled with photos of these drool-worthy duos. Hot Dudes with Kittens delivers just what the name promises.

Here is just a sampling of the beauty.

Understandably, the account is quickly amassing followers. There are over 50,000 kitty/stud lovers following Hot Dudes with Kittens. Guys, you don’t need to take a backseat to the action. The account takes submissions and often posts photos sent in by the cat-owning men who uses Instagram. So if you know a kitten and a cute boy looking for some likes, snap a picture and send it in. You will be doing the world a great service. Don’t worry, there are over 350 posts for ogling, for those who don’t know a man and cat pairing of their own.

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