Katy Perry Plans to Look Like Paula Deen in 30 Years so Gear Up

Katy Perry Mad LoveThe Ragsy

Katy Perry tells us her beauty mantra is “Try everything once,” and she’s lived it — wearing everything from bold wigs to black lipstick to cupcake boobs over the years. And the star has gotten into the cosmetics space herself, teaming up with Covergirl for a line of makeup as well as launching a variety of fragrances (the latest of which is Mad Love).

And she can’t jump from trend to trend without the help of an experienced glam squad. But what does she do when they’re not around?

“Unfair answer: I always have back-up glam,” she tells PeopleStyle. “Real answer: I can do my own make-up. It just tends to end up looking a little more natural rather than defined lines. Eventually, the make-up has to come off, so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.”

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Katy Perry Mad LoveThe Ragsy

Despite being in a business that can be superficial, the 31-year-old says she finds finds the idea of growing older “freeing”.

“In your twenties, you spend too much time worrying about what people think of you, and financially, can be sort of a mess. Your thirties are about independence, loving yourself as you are, financial freedom, consciousness, and good company. I heard your forties are even better.”

Which is why she’s not concerned with signs of aging, either. “I haven’t spotted a gray yet — I’ve been dying my hair jet black since I was 15,” she says. And as for wrinkles, Perry say, they “are not your enemy — they’re just proof that you’ve smiled.”

So who does she think she’ll look like in 30 years? “Paula Deen.” (Obviously!)

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That’s not to say she won’t treat her skin well in her thirties. “My goals are: to be more SPF-conscious, experiment with facial peels and lasers, take control of the size of my pores, and continuing to try to choose healthy eating habits,” she says, adding, “Pain is inevitable; suffering is my choice.”

Every day, the “Rise” singer follows a “very strict regimen” of 10 to 15 products, and travels with a variety of 20 to 30.

“This is why I do not have impromptu sleepovers,” she admits. “In my purse at all times: gel hand sanitizer, travel-sized Hempz lotion, Huggies fragrance-free baby wipes, Phillips Sonicare toothbrush, Sensodyne and Kitty Purry lipstick.”

If she does slip and have one of those last-minute slumber parties, she can at least rest easy knowing that her lashes will look impeccable when she wakes. “I get lash extensions every two weeks from Lisa Mayer, usually at 7:00 am for 2.5 hours,” she says. “I come down in my robe, lay on the couch and open-mouth sleep while she does them.”

Katy Perry Mad LovePerry’s new fragrance, Mad Love

Even with her look down pat, Perry shares that after all these years, her mind still races when she walks down red carpets: “Does this outfit fit? Can you see my Spanx through this? Breathe. Which side is my wonk-eye on?” Every morning I wake up usually thankful I haven’t turned into a meme while I was sleeping,” she jokes.

And despite the circus around her, the star continues to stay focused on her work, including the latest scent, which she swears will get you attention from the opposite sex. “The vanilla in Mad Love is a timeless, ancient aphrodisiac,” Perry says of her most recent launch. “The musk gives it a slight androgynous twist, and overall is flirting without words.”

What do you think of Perry’s take on aging? Tell us below!

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