Kim Kardashian Celebrates MLK Day with Vintage Video of a Young Kanye West Honoring the Civil Rights Leader

Like many celebrities Kim Kardashian West paid tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. with a social media post.

But uniquely, the reality star celebrated the national holiday on Monday with an adorable video of husband Kanye West honoring the humanitarian and civil rights leader.

Before West, 38, was making chart-topping singles, the rapper was reciting poems in middle school in 1990, proving he’s always had strong oratorical abilities.

Kardashian West, 35, proudly shared the vintage footage, which she found via YouTube, on her Instagram and Twitter.

Baby Kanye reciting a Martin Luther King poem. Happy Martin Luther King Day

A video posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Jan 18, 2016 at 6:15pm PST

The video of West appears to be an annual dedication as the mother of two also shared the same clip last year for MLK Day. “I wish I posted this yesterday! How cute is my baby!!!!!!!” Kardashian West tweeted in 2015.

“My name is Kanye West, and my poem is ’His Name Is Love,'” the future 21-time Grammy winner began his speech.

Read the full poem below:

A man who fought for freedom

A man who fought for equality

Those who were against him

Were too blind to see

What this man was fighting for

So Blacks, Hispanics, Jews and Asians could put their foot in the door

Yes, we know that this man is great

That’s why today we celebrate and everyone lifts their voice and sing

For a man who wanted freedom to ring

Martin Luther King is who I’m speaking of

A man whose name means love

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