Kit Harington Blabbed About Jon Snow’s Fate to Get Out of a Ticket: ‘Keep the Speed Down,’ Lord Commander

Jon Snow’s resurrection has proved to be one of the biggest creative fake-outs in television history – but even Kit Harington couldn’t keep the Lord Commander’s fate completely under wraps.

During a Friday appearance on The Tonight ShowStarring Jimmy Fallon, the Game of Thrones actor admitted that he spilled the beans about Snow’s fate to get out of a speeding ticket.

Harington, 29, said he was going over the speed limit on his way to his parents’ house one day – “I was being a bit naughty” – and a police officer pulled him over and gave him an ultimatum.

“He said, ‘look there’s two ways we could do this. You could either follow me back to the police station now and I book you in. Or you can tell me whether you live in the next series of Game of Thrones.’ ”

Kit Harington Blabbed About Jon Snow's Fate to Get Out of a Ticket: 'Keep the Speed Down,' Lord Commander| Game of Thrones, TV News, Jon Snow, Kit Harington

So, Harington did what anyone would do.

“I looked at him and went, ‘I’m alive next season,’ ” the actor said as the studio audience (and Fallon) erupted in laughter.

“[The officer] says, ‘On your way, Lord Commander. Keep the speed down,’ ” Harington added.

Season six of Game of Thrones saw perhaps its biggest bombshell yet when Snow, who was shockingly murdered at the end of season 5 came back to life in the season’s second episode.

He told Fallon that although he was sworn to secrecy by the show’s writers, he couldn’t keep completely quiet – “I told mom and dad straight away,” he said.

Harington opened up to Entertainment Weekly about the hard-to-keep secret and even offered an apology for the months he kept his lips sealed.

“Sorry! I’d like to say sorry for lying to everyone,” he told EW”.

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