Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit Is Ruining Lives (According to the Internet, Anyway)

If you’ve participated in the emotional roller coaster that is shopping for Kylie Jenner‘s Lip Kit by Kylie, you’re certain to have experienced one of three outcomes: 1. You succeeded in purchasing your favorite color — and received it in all its glory; 2. You didn’t succeed, and have been crying yourself to sleep every night since; or 3. The worst of them all — you successfully purchased it, received your confirmation, but NEVER RECEIVED YOUR LIP KIT. If you’re suffering from No. 3, you’re not alone.

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Fans all over the world are melting the Internet with the fury that comes with a set of lips are still lacking the tender touch of Kylie’s masterpiece. After surviving the turmoil of refreshing, adding to cart, and purchasing with success, their lip kits never arrived at their doorsteps. The horror.

Lol a month later, #lipkitbykylie sends out a ‘my bad’ email letting customers know they won’t be getting their orders… @TMZ

— Christine Nicole (@xtinenicole) January 7, 2016

Oh my gosh I finally got refunded for the Kylie Lip kit I ordered ON BLACK FRIDAY that never came🙄😒 like its a NEW YEAR that too forever !

— Shae (@ThatGirlShaeXo) January 6, 2016

It’s an issue that’s been going on since before the holidays, with the star blaming some delivery warehouse mix-ups and other postal crises that were out of her manicured hands. But if you’re still feeling distraught, there’s hope. Kylie teased some new shades on Snapchat, and also confirmed an upcoming restock.

Not convinced that there’s light at the end of the tunnel? One troubled customer shared her story with PeopleStyle, and it indeed has a happy ending:

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“I was basically waiting at my computer at 11:59am, heart racing, like I was trying to get Adele concert tickets even though I think this was harder. (I didn’t even get Adele tickets though so maybe I’m wrong here.)

At noon on the dot, I added all three lip kits to my cart (kart?) anticipating that some of the colors might be sold out. When I clicked purchase, it just loaded and loaded and loaded … and loaded … and finally said there was an error. I’ve been trying really hard lately to be a cool big sister, so I tried for over an hour, providing Snapchats to my sister so she could see how hard I was working for her. Finally I gave up.

Later that afternoon, I checked my bank account and noticed I was charged more than $90 for the Kylie Lip Kits. So I checked my spam folder and lo and behold, there was a confirmation email saying I had purchased all three. I felt like the belle of the ball, like Kris Jenner starring in her own music video, like Kim in front of a giant wall of flowers.

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I finally got an email on December 4th saying my order was processed and the lip kits were shipped. But when I waited a couple of weeks and nothing had happened, I assumed they were gone forever. WHERE WERE THEY ON DECEMBER 17? HUH?

I couldn’t handle the look of disappointment on my sister’s face when she accepted the fact that no, I hadn’t been making up the drama. It wasn’t a fake out. The lip kits just weren’t there.

But to our surprise, they arrived in time for New Year’s Eve, and she sent me a Snapchat of the kits with the following excitement: ‘I’ve never felt more complete.’”

Did you get your hands on a Lip Kit? Will you try when she restocks? Tell us below!

–Jillian Ruffo

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