Lawsuit Against Christian Slater by His Father Is Part of a ‘Long and Difficult Situation’ Says Family Source

The $20 million lawsuit filed by Thomas Knight Slater against his son Christian Slater has a complicated back story.

Slater’s father, 80, acted using the stage name Michael Hawkins. He appeared on the soap opera Ryan’s Hope in the 1970s.

The elder Slater claims his son “ruined” his acting career because the Mr. Robot star said his father was “suffering from manic-depressive schizophrenia” in a December 2015 interview — years after the elder Slater’s last credited role on IMDB, a small part in the 1988 action film Midnight Run.

But a family source says Slater’s father a has long history of personal struggle.

“His father has had his troubles,” says the source. “Christian has done what he can for him financially by supporting him for many years, but eventually had to distance himself because of his erratic behavior.”

Thomas Knight Slater previously claimed in a Dec. 2015 National Enquirer interview that Slater’s mother, his ex-wife Mary Jo Slater, a casting agent, had “poisoned” his son against him.

“It’s been a long and difficult situation,” says the source. “The lawsuit is baseless.”

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