Leonardo DiCaprio Says the Cold While Filming The Revenant Was Worse Than the Icy Waters in Titanic

Think this polar vortex hitting the east coast is bad? It’s nothing compared to the cold Leonardo DiCaprio and director Alejandro González Iñárritu felt while filming their now BAFTA-winning filmThe Revenant.

But despite the months spent in the wilderness on set, the two were shivering on the red carpet before the BAFTA Awards in London Sunday, where temperatures hovered around 38 degrees.

“We should be more used to this cold, but I’m not,” DiCaprio, who won the award for best actor, said. “It’s been awhile.”

Iñárritu, who took home the award for best director, conceded that DiCaprio had to put up with more of the chilly weather during filming, between tramping through the snow and shivering as a bear attack victim, but DiCaprio says it was just as bad for the entire crew.

“I suppose I was submerged in the ice a lot more, but look – it was a team effort, we all knew what we were getting into,” he said.

“We knew we weren’t going on a tropical vacation in Hawaii and the Maldives, we were going to be submerged in the wilderness like this. But at the end of the day we have a great piece of art to show for it, so we’re all excited to be here.”

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I¨árritu said that the tough conditions drove everyone to do their best on set.

“I think everyday we struggled with different conditions, we had to adapt and had to surrender to the circumstances, something that in a way was beneficial to us to learn about nature,” the director said. “And the way that Leo and all the actors were reacting – and acting is reacting – and when you have those elements around you it always enhances the performance.”

And when asked which is colder – the frosty shooting locations in Canada and Argentina or the icy waters on the Titanic set, DiCaprio said The Revenant takes the cake.

“This is pretty cold, this whole experience,” he said.

So while DiCaprio doesn’t have any upcoming plans to film a movie with a slightly warmer local, Iñárritu is ready to head for sandier shores.

“To the beach!” he declared.

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