Leonardo DiCaprio Thought Pal Jonah Hill’s Revenant Bear Gag During the Golden Globes Was ‘Amazing’

The Golden Globes censors might not have seen the humor in Jonah Hill‘s onstage bit as the bear from The Revenant, but Leonardo DiCaprio definitely did.

“That was amazing that Jonah did that,” DiCaprio, who won the Globe for best actor in a motion picture, drama, told reporters in the press room on Sunday night.

In case you missed it, Hill donned a bear hat when he took the stage to present the best supporting actress in a movie award, and cracked some profanity-laden jokes about being snubbed at the ceremony in favor of The Revenant “costar” DiCaprio.

“You gave it to the lead actor and the supporting actor sits there in the background,” Hill joked, in character as a “two-year-old bear from the Sierra Mountains.”

DiCaprio also opened up about the mammal he really shared the screen with – a cinematic creation he called “very special.”

“I’m not supposed to talk in great detail about how that was done because it was Alejandro [Iñárritu] and Chivo [Emmanuel Lubezki]’s very special work,” DiCaprio explained. “Alejandro himself watched over one hundred different bear attacks, but what he creates in that sequence, in that movie, is something that is almost like virtual reality – it also awakens other senses – and I think people are talking about it for good reason.”

DiCaprio added that he thinks the bear attack scene will “go down in the history of cinema.”

“It was an amazing, visceral, tactile sort of sequence that makes people really feel like they’re there, and yes it was incredibly difficult to do, but we rehearsed for weeks beforehand for just that sequence,” DiCaprio said.

•Reporting by GABRIELLE OLYA

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