Let Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans Heat Up Your Valentine’s Day in Their Gucci Guilty Video

Evan Rachel Wood is no stranger to sexy movie moments — and just in time for Valentine’s Day, she and Chris Evans are here to heat up your computer screens in the latest campaign for Gucci Guilty fragrance. We spoke to the actress about her new video with Evans, her love of perfumes and her ever-changing hair.

Evan Rachel Wood GucciEmanuele Scorcelletti

“I’m excited that its kind of showing a different takes on the fragrance,” she tells PeopleStyle of the video. “It’s a little more loving and a little more tender than the other ones, which were a little more ‘rawr.’ “This is a good balance of that fierceness and that full throttle life with a layer of a little more love and tenderness.”

What else did we learn from the 28-year-old star? Find out below.

• She only sprays her perfume in one room

“It’s a game of seduction and that’s kind of how I feel about scent when I wear it,” she explains. “I only spray my perfume in my bedroom because I think its something that is a reflection of your vibe and something that you leave with somebody. And when they smell that scent again they are going to immediately think of you or the experience or a memory and I think that scent could be a very, very powerful thing.”

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• Cologne is her weakness

“I do love when men wear cologne — if I get a hint of it I want to move closer so I can smell it more,” she admits. “I’m definitely that person that wants them to give me a shirt that they’ve worn so that I can feel connected. I usually say, ‘Hey, can you take this shirt and charge it?’ Meaning, ‘Can you make it smell like you?’”

• And her son loves fragrances too

“My son really loves the bottles,” she shares. “The great thing about kids is they see this beautiful set up and then they come in and they start playing with it. I do think it’s that he also kind of appreciates the beauty of the bottles and he goes oooo! He gasps and he looks at them and he says that they are pretty. Even a 2-year-old gets it.”

• She feels her sexiest when she’s in the spotlight

“I feel sexy when I’m doing what I love — like when I’m singing or performing or something — that’s when I feel the most in control and in my element,” she says. “I think that’s usually when you’re most attracted to other people — in your elements and owning your space and yourself and being confident.”

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• Dry shampoo is her must-have hair product for short hair

“Dry shampoo is just really awesome because it’ll keep your hair light but it’ll give it texture, so that you can move it and style it but it’ll kind of just stay in place — so I really love dry shampoo on shorter hair.”

• She’d “probably” give red hair another try

“I really loved having my dark brick red hair,” she admits. “Like blood brick, brownish, reddish hair — I do miss that. I don’t know if I’d ever do it again, but for that time it was just kind of

perfect and felt right, so probably…”

• But her two-toned look got the most attention

“I got the most surprising reaction was when I had bleached blonde hair with a black stripe at the bottom — all of the ends were black,” she laughs. “That one got the most attention — good and bad.”

What do you think of Wood and Evans’ video? Tell us below!

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