Miranda Hobbes’ Son from Sex and the City Is All Grown Up!

Brady Hobbes is not a baby any longer!

Joseph Pupo, who played the sweet red-headed little boy of Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Steve Brady (David Eigenberg) in HBO’s classic comedy series Sex and the City is opening up about his time spent on set with the four fabulous ladies we can all relate to in some way … because we all remember when we were three months old, right?

Miranda Hobbes' Son from Sex and the City Is All Grown Up!| Sex and the City, Sex and the City 2, News Franchises, Individual Class


In a hilarious video interview with The Battery Company‘s Sas Goldberg and Jake Wilson, Pupo so calmly admits to something that is literally – not literally, but close to it – heartbreaking.

“I don’t watch the show,” the teenager tells the TV hosts. “Just never did – wasn’t interested.”

Just sinful, we know.

Even when Goldberg and Wilson threw out some big plot lines such as Aleksandr Petrovsky and Brady’s birthday party where Miranda and Steve famously “rekindled their relationship” in the laundry room (poor Debbie), the child actor did not budge. They even handed him a Manolo Blahnik shoe (Carrie’s fave), but nothing.

With one last attempt, the hosts ask whether he was Aidan Shaw or Mr. Big? (Ehem, Team Big all the way – or actually, Team Aiden. We’re still not sure.) To our surprise, Pupo has no idea who these men actually are.

Though the child star has not acted since his role in SATC 2, he admits that he is auditioning for his school play. So, there’s that!

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