Missing Texas Teen Adriana Coronado Found Dead – Reports

14-year-old Adriana Coronado has been found dead, multiple reports confirm.

The Texas native, who went missing on Sunday, was found on Wednesday and identified through fingerprinting on Friday, KHOU reports.

According to CNN the teen was found in a field near a state highway in Houston and fingerprinting was used because the level of decomposition made it too difficult to identify her through other methods.

The search for Adriana was amped up after officers found her father’s body located near a ditch in a rural area of Walker County on Sunday. He was shot and his remains were burned. Police also found his truck, which had been set ablaze, not far from Houston.

Although they’ve made no arrests, KPRC, a local NBC affiliate, reports that police are looking into a man who was caught on surveillance cameras in the area, as he ran away from the area in which Adriana’s father’s car was burning.

According to KPRC several other unidentified female bodies were found in the Houston area on Friday, but authorities have not said if there is any connection.

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