Momma Goose Flags Down Cop to Help Rescue Trapped Baby

Canadian geese are one of the few animals I despise (there’s a backstory, but that’s for another day), but this momma bird just made the hateful poop monsters a little more loveable.

On Monday, Cincinnati Police Sergeant James Givens was approached by a goose, who appeared to be looking for help, reports Inside Edition.

“I was sitting in a patrol car in a parking lot, I heard something pecking on the side of the door and I looked down and I thought the goose was hungry. I was eating a bagel and I tossed it a piece but it didn’t have any. It walked in front of me so I followed it,” Givens said.

The mission-driven waddle-bird led the officer to a patch of grass where one of her goslings was resting, tangled in a string from a Mother’s Day balloon. Worried about hurting the animal, Givens called SPCA Wildlife, but they had no one available to help him. So, Givens called fellow officer Cecilia Charron, who arrived on the scene shortly after.

Charron cautiously approached the animal and her baby and set to work freeing the gosling.

“It’s weird because it kept the distance and it kept the baby calm. I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Givens said. “I said it must be a motherly instinct, the mother didn’t attack her or nothing, seeing the thing run off that was the best part.”

Givens, who has been on the force for over 25 years, filmed Charron’s rescue work and posted the video. The officer remains amazed by the mother goose’s ability to seek out help for her child. Charron, who has been an officer for 24 years, says the encounter was the most memorable moment of her job — which does say something nice about the crime levels in Ohio.

In conclusion, every man, woman, goose and gosling left the interaction happy and healthy.

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