Of All of Gwen Stefani’s Constantly Changing Hairstyles, Blake Shelton’s Surprising Fave Is…

Gwen Stefani has brought us a ton of wild hairstyles as a judge on the The Voice. We’ve seen bold ponys, fun braids, and of course, a lifetime supply of sleek blowouts. And Monday, she continued her hair evolution by whipping out what might be her most outrageous look yet, which is why we had to get the details straight her hairstylist.

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“Gwen wears it, it doesn’t wear her,” Danilo, her hairstylist of 20 years and Pantene’s Global Ambassador, tells PeopleStyle about her tribal-inspired performance look on Monday’s episode of The Voice. “It’s just different. There are no boundaries about it, there’s no rules, and there definitely aren’t any with Gwen. It’s a matter of how to make it really cool, and I think it’s chic — she’s always going to have an elegance to her.”

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But they didn’t get it right the first time. Danilo says that while it took them three tries to perfect the look, Stefani had braids in mind from the start. “Gwen was like, ‘I want to do a cornrow look,’ he says. “We already knew we wanted to do this look that we had developed so we turned it into cornrows.”

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He went all out with five super-tight Dutch braids going in different directions: One as a faux-hawk which twisted into a topknot at her crown, two behind her ears that wove together into one major three-strand braid at the nape of her neck, and the best of all, two more braids woven towards her face, starting from just below the crown of her head and ending in two pig-tails in front of her ears — a new take on the typical pigtail braid.

“When I introduced this concept [of the braids placed in front of the ears] to Gwen, she really liked it, and we’ve played with it in several ways, and it’s interestingly flattering,” Danilo says. “Bringing that ponytail-pigtail-braid situation to the front of the ear, it almost becomes ornamentation.”

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And it’s obvious that she’s into the trend. Earlier this season, the duo paired a half-up topknot with two bold fishtail plaits that both sat in front of her ears, and the following night, they went for a sleek blowout accented with two twists that hang at the sides of her face.

So what does her boyfriend Blake Shelton think of Gwen’s inventive hair looks? Danilo says he loves it all, but there’s one style in particular that he’s really fond of: Her dip-dyed ends.

“He likes her black-tipped bob,” Danilo shares. “I think as any couple, they’re supportive of who each other are. They get together and strengthen one another with complements.”

What do you think of Gwen’s latest style? Tell us below.

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