Olivia Munn Shares Her Fail-Safe Cleavage Trick, Serves Her Civic Duty to Women Everywhere

If you thought all your cleavage questions were answered after Kim Kardashian West revealed the way she gets her gravity-defining décolletage, think again. Not everyone has to use abrasive (not meant-for-your-body) adhesive (Gaffer’s tape!) to get maximum lift. Olivia Munn just shared an attainable and affordable cleavage trick that will probably change your going-out game for good.

Olivia MunnSource: Olivia Munn/Instagram

In an Instagram post, the actress explains that since her girlfriends always ask her how she gets her other “girls” looking so good, she thought it was only fair to share the secret with all her fans. Turns out, it’s all thanks to the NuBra.

If you’re unfamiliar with NuBras, she gives the entire low-down: “They’re sticky cups with clasps in the center. So you can stick the cups to your boobs and then pull them together and snap the clips together to keep your cleavage up. No padding or boob inserts needed,” she writes in the caption.

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And to demonstrate the amazing results, she shared one picture wearing the bra (left), and one without (right). “[It] just helps accentuate what you naturally have 👍”

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Before you go and question the authenticity (we all know celeb paid ads are an Instagram-must at this point), she clarifies, “This isn’t a paid ad, I’m just paying it forward for all the girlfriends who taught me tricks just like this. 👯”

And, Olivia, all the girlfriends thank you for it.

We want to know: Will you try Munn’s cleavage trick? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

— Colleen Kratofil

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