Olivia Wilde Shares Her Favorite Golden Globes Look Ever (Hint: She Was Pregnant!)

The best red carpet accessory? A baby bump, according to Olivia Wilde. The actress just revealed to People her most memorable Golden Globes style moment of all time — when she topped best dressed lists in her second-skin, sequin, emerald Gucci gown. The best part: She was pregnant with her son Otis!

Olivia Wilde Golden Globes 2014Stewart Cook/REX USA

“I was six months pregnant last time I presented, and I was thrilled to be there. I was so happy. And it’s just a nice moment to share with my son in a funny way,” she told PEOPLE at the TCAs Thursday in Pasadena, Calif. “We went there together. Karla Welch is my stylist, and she’s really brilliant. And together, we showed that pregnant women can still be sexy. And there’s no need to disguise yourself in lots of layers and Gucci made a beautiful dress.”

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As for Sunday’s show, the actress still has “no idea” what she’s wearing.

“I have no patience, so it comes down to the first thing I like,” she shared of her gown selection process. “I’m like, this is perfect. But we’re so lucky in this business that we have the chance to wear some of the most beautiful things ever made, and I see those award shows as an opportunity to collaborate with that designer and show something they’ve made. And it’s an honor. But it’s going to be fun.”

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Wilde is currently busy filming the new HBO drama Vinyl, centered around the music scene in New York in the ’70s. Starring alongside Bobby Cannavale, the star gets to wear some pretty major decade-themed outfits (and so do the boys!).

“I love men in heels because after a long day of work, they’re complaining about their dogs barking,” she quipped of her male co-stars looks. “But we had an incredible wardrobe team and designers. And we wore mostly vintage on the show. And I’m a big proponent of people wearing vintage, both in the most sustainable way to dress certainly, but it’s really exciting to put on something that has history, has a life. And I think it helped all of us get into character once we put on our costumes, we were suddenly transported. It was really fun.”

Olivia Wilde Vinyal setPacific Coast News

Naturally, Wilde had already tried to swipe a few things from set.

“There was a caftan I wore in the pilot that I really tried to steal, did not succeed. It was kind of an orangey red. The thing is, I shot the pilot four weeks after having my son, so I could only really wear caftans,” she explained. “But that’s what they’re good for. They are sensible. I will wear a caftan any day and be happy. But the show really shows the best of ’70s fashion. It’s really fun. Juno Temple’s character wears a whole other element of ’70s style, very much like the disco queen, party girl, the makeup, the miniskirts. And you see so many different styles from that time within the show. And none of it is cartoonish. It’s all very authentic because we have these producers who were there at the time and largely responsible for the style and could say like, no, that’s wrong. I feel really great about what we’re putting out there.”

What do you think of Wilde’s favorite Golden Globes look? What type of dress should she wear Sunday? Sound off below.

–Brittany Talarico, with reporting by Christina Dugan

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