Olivia Wilde Thanks Kanye West for Giving Her Son a ‘Good Sense of Rhythm’

Kanye West has given Olivia Wildeand Jason Sudeikis‘ son Otis Alexander the best gift of all … rhythm!

​”​We played a lot of vinyl and [Otis] went to a lot of live shows​ [during my pregnancy],” Wilde, 31, told reporters at a TCA panel promoting her upcoming HBO show Vinyl.​

​”​We went to see Kanye’s tour that year and the bass was so strong, I think that’s why Otis has such a good sense of rhythm. We can thank Kanye.​”​

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The happy couple, who welcomed their first child together in 2014, have incorporated all things music into their lives.

​”​I think music has been such a huge part of my life, from the very beginning, and the same for Jason​,” says Wilde. ​”We want to give that same gift to Otis. And he’s already so in love with music and inspired by it.​”​

Peek a boo.

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And although he’s only 20 months old, Otis already has his favorite artists lined up.

​”​He’s a huge Bruno Mars fan​,” shares Wilde. “​He likes anything Mark Ronson has produced. But he loves Bruno Mars, loves, loves​!​ He loves ​’​Uptown Funk.​’​ He calls it, ‘​Too​ ​Hot.​’ ”

But nothing can beat the occasional kiddie tune, the actress jokes. “We love Yo Gabba Gabba!” says Wilde.

Finally behind bars. #heartthief

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Music aside, Wilde told The Advocate in a separate interview that her greatest wish for her son is to grow up in a world free of labels — particularly those surrounding a person’s sexual preferences.

“There’s this idea that bisexuality is somehow a lie, or irresponsible because you can dabble and not commit. I don’t agree with that. We need to embrace fluidity,” she explains.

“My hope is that my son, by the time he’s my age, doesn’t recognize a world in which we’re stuck in definitions others put upon us.”

— Christina Dugan

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