Protest Turns Violent Outside Donald Trump Rally in New Mexico

Donald Trump‘s rally in New Mexico turned violent on Tuesday night after protestors were seen lighting fires and throwing rocks and bottles at police.

Albuquerque Police tweeted the news, saying that demonstrators were throwing objects at their police horses. They confirmed that arrests had been from inside the rally which was held at the Albuquerque Convention Center, where Trump was speaking.

Protestors are now throwing bottles and rocks at our Police Horses.

— Albuquerque Police (@ABQPOLICE) May 25, 2016

The smoke that has been seen is not tear gas, it’s just smoke. We have not deployed tear gas at this time.

— Albuquerque Police (@ABQPOLICE) May 25, 2016

Only arrests at this point have been from inside the rally.

— Albuquerque Police (@ABQPOLICE) May 25, 2016

Appears that most of the @realDonaldTrump protestors have left & remaining contingent is only looking to cause trouble & be destructive

— Albuquerque Police (@ABQPOLICE) May 25, 2016

Protesters also broke down the metal barriers surrounding the venue in Albuquerque, CNN reports.

Protest Turns Violent Outside Donald Trump Rally in New Mexico| politics, Donald Trump

AP Photo / Russell Contreras

Officers – who reportedly greeted protestors wearing riot gear – have denied reports that any gunshots were fired during the protest, but did say that damage to the Convention Center windows were made by a pellet gun.

NBC reports that protesters burned pro-Trump flags and signs during the brief confrontation outside the venue.

Albuquerque Police tweeted that they would be “forcing protestors off sidewalk.” adding: “Protestors can remain on Tijeras. Please back off the sidewalk at the officers direction.”

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