Robert Downey Jr. praises son after cocaine possession conviction is dismissed


Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. took to Facebook on Friday to praise his 22-year-old son Indio, whose felony cocaine possession charge was dismissed this week after he completed a 20-month rehab program.

“Congrats are in order for my firstborn, and I’m proud to oblige,” the “Captain America: Civil War”star said of his son with first wife Deborah Falconer. “Having braved the crucible of addiction (and pleased the court), his ongoing commitment to recovery continues to inspire and amaze.”

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Indio appeared in a Los Angeles courthouse on Tuesday and addressed Judge Lauren Weis Birnstein about his rehab experience.

“Your honor, I would like to say I am truly grateful for the experience I have had over the past 20 months in recovery,” he said. “I’ve gained so much. I’m so blessed to have my life back. I hope to be an inspiration to others in the future.”

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Robert also took the opportunity to promote his son’s band, The Dose, in his Facebook message, posting a music video of their song “Cold Hands.”

“As long as we can remember, Indio has been a musician at heart,” the actor wrote. “In the last several years, with his band mate Ralph Alexander, I’ve witnessed their dedication, consistency, and determination to grow as artists.”

“I’ve also made it my business to be of as little help as possible, as nepotism usually does more harm than good,” he continued. “Just for today, I’m gonna ease up on that. Trust me and give these fine young men a listen.”

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