Ryan Reynolds on How Children He Met with Cancer Connected to His Deadpool Character

Ryan Reynolds truly has healing powers.

The Deadpool actor may play a twisted antihero with R-rated charm, but the good he does for children who look up to him for his role as Deadpool is nothing but G-rated.

“To be totally honest, one thing I thought was really fantastic is a lot of kids have been reaching out because they look up to Deadpool – a lot of kids with cancer and that sort of thing – and I’ve gotten to know a lot of these kids based on Deadpool,” Reynolds, 39, told reporters at the Deadpool Press Day for the May 10 Blu-ray and DVD release on Monday in Los Angeles.

“They love this character Wade Wilson because he’s basically given his diagnosis and flips like a bird, and that’s something a lot of these guys and girls really relate to,” he says. “I got to spend a lot of time with these kids and do a lot of things with Make-A-Wish Foundation.”

As if seeing Reynolds out of costume is not surreal enough for his little Marvel Comic fans, he hopes to ditch the weapon accessories one day so he could bring Deadpool to life right before their eyes.

“I always want to wear the suit when I go into the hospital, but the problem is that the suit is mostly weapons,” he says. “Captain America has a shiny shield, Thor has a semi-non threatening hammer, but I have like katanas and semi-automatic pistols, which is not something you go through the metal detector of a hospital in.”

“I’ve always wanted to wear it there because I think it would be very special, but one day we have to figure that out,” he adds. “Other than that, I feel like I’m wearing it every day.”

And from time-to-time, he sure does. While bringing any sort of look-a-like weapon into a hospital would not exactly categorize as the greatest idea (even if it is for a great cause), Reynolds stepped out on the streets for Halloween last year wearing the actual Deadpool suit – but, that time, no one knew it was him under the mask.

“Remember, tonight we set our clocks back 34 years. #happyhalloween,” he captioned a photo on Instagram, posing with a slew of children in superhero costumes.

Besides taking home the title for appearing in the most successful R-rated movie of all time, there is one other aspect of the film that is with him for life.

“I did leave with a suit,” he said of his prize. “There was no way I was not going to leave with a suit.”

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