Saoirse Ronan Bonded with Jamie Foster Over the Pressures of Navigating Hollywood as a Former Child Star

Saoirse Ronan‘s path to success started at a young age: the Brooklyn actress received her first Oscar nomination at only 13. So how did she successfully navigate through early stardom (an area where others often falter)? Her mother’s guidance.

Ronan, 21, tells New York magazine that having her mom Monica on set when she was working on things like 2007’s Atonement added stability to her Hollywood experience.

“I was talking to someone who started out as a child actor, last night, and went on to do incredible things, and we were both saying it was a huge, huge influence to have our mothers with us when we were young and mothers who came from more of an ethical standpoint than a business one,” Ronan explains to the magazine. “To have someone with you from 10 to 19 when you’re on a set, who has perspective and is only there to look out for you, it really means that you have a more realistic way of looking at this entire world.”

That fellow child star? Jodie Foster. “She’s absolutely amazing,” gushes Ronan.

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The Irish-born star, who is up for Best Actress at this year’s Academy Awards, says she also didn’t understand the pressure on women in the industry because her mother sheltered her.

Saoirse Ronan Bonded with Jamie Foster Over the Pressures of Navigating Hollywood as a Former Child Star| Academy Awards, Movie News, Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan

Erik Madigan Heck / New York Magazine

“I feel it a bit now, and I could see a change when Hanna came out, because it was the first sort of commercial success I’d had, apart from Atonement, and I was very young then – a lot of that went over my head,” she explains. “Part of it was that I’d grown up outside L.A., so I wasn’t exposed to the competitive side of that world, where you feel like you have to do a thousand and one things in order to keep up with everyone else.”

She continues, “I didn’t have that pressure of feeling like I needed to be exposed more or do a big studio film in order to get more work. It was down to the type of work I wanted to do.”

And that work, she likens to a portfolio.

She shares, “A piece of work is something you put time and hard work into, and you want to be able to stand next to it and say you really believed in it.”

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