Sarah Silverman Lays Into James Bond at the Oscars: I ‘Don’t Think He’s Street Enough’

Silverman, Sarah Silverman.

The actress showed James Bond who’s boss while introducing Sam Smith‘s performance of Spectre song “Writing’s on the Wall” during the 2016 Oscars on Sunday.

After announcing she hadn’t seen Spectre, the latest film in the iconic and lengthy spy franchise, Silverman said, “I guess I was a Bond girl, in that I had sexual intercourse with James Bond followed by never hearing him again, ever. Like never, not even a text.”

She continued, “And I know he has a cell phone – he has four of them. It’s fine whatever.”

“Maybe he likes sleeping with vulnerable women with heavy Jewish boobs and then never contacting them again. Maybe that’s his thing,” the 45-year-old joked. “Know what my thing is? Being in front of 80 million people on live TV and saying whatever comes into my mind.”

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Silverman didn’t stop there, though. “James Bond – not a grower or a shower,” she charged. “I don’t want to say he’s terrible at sex… but he did sleep with 55 women in 24 movies and most of them tried to kill him afterwards. And in my opinion I don’t think he’s street enough.”

The entire bit was a clear dig at British author Anthony Horowitz, who caused a stir last fall when he declared actor Idris Elba “too street” to play James Bond.

Horowitz, 60, is the author of the newest James Bond novel, and said that the British actor shouldn’t be 007 because he’s “a bit too rough.”

The author later apologized for causing “offense,” and said he chose words “clumsily.”

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