Scandal Fans Have A Lot to say About That Season Finale – See the Best Reactions

Scandal finished season 5 with plenty of surprises and political twists and turns.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Thursday’s season finale of Scandal.

On the Democratic side, everything was coming up roses for Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry). As illustrated by Olivia (Kerry Washington), OPA and Scandal fan reactions, everyone was surprised to see Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) former chief of staff standing next to Frankie Vargas (Ricardo Chavira) on stage at the convention as his vice presidential running mate.

Even better: Fans can look forward to Mellie Grant’s (Bellamy Young) shocked reaction next season.

And on the Republican side, Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) was selected (by Olivia) as Mellie’s VP partner. Though Olivia thinks she came up with the plan so she can save Jake from Command (Joe Morton), neither of them know just how much of a puppet master Papa Pope really is. Rowan sipping red wine on the couch, watching the VP announcement drama unfold on live TV (and saying “that’s my girl”) is the ultimate cliffhanger until the season 6 premiere arrives.

Fan reaction to the twist was swift. Check out some of the best below:

“You came to tell me that your ex-boyfriend is going to be on my ex-wife’s ticket and you won’t sit with me?” ETIQUETTE, #Liv! @ScandalABC

— Kate Coyne (@KatePeople) May 13, 2016

@ScandalABC: OMG!!!!

The ultimate puppet master!” YES

— Nekada Ollivierre (@polosugar) May 13, 2016

How I feel now that the season is over.

— Jessica Tejeda (@JessTejeda) May 13, 2016

David Rosen for LOTUS. Loser of the United States. #Scandal

— Joshua Malina (@JoshMalina) May 13, 2016


— Lean Latifah (@holadamilola) May 13, 2016

Cyrus is the VP candidate… he just laid me out. Lawd.

— Beatrice E. Peterson (@MissBeaE) May 13, 2016

This just in: Hillary, Bernie & Donald have all also picked Jake Ballard as their running mate. #ScandalFinale#Scandal

— Henry Goldblatt (@HenryGoldblatt) May 13, 2016

There is no way that Shonda Rhimes is sane!!! Sane people CANNOT create this. #Scandal

— Genny (@GennyontheClock) May 13, 2016

Words to live by.

— Celine (@celinechrista) May 13, 2016

Is it weird that I love my assassin, Jake. He’s a killer and I’m making excuses. ha! #Scandal

— Sloan Ashton (@Ashton7Sloan) May 13, 2016

What’d you think of the Scandal finale? What’s next for Olivia? Who’s getting back in the White House? Sound off in the comments!

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