Shia LaBeouf Gets in Touch with His Poetic Side, Recites Interview Answers in Verse

Shia LaBeouf‘s been a blockbuster movie star, a performance artist, a paper bag enthusiast and now, he’s a budding poet.

In an email interview with Complex Magazine published on Tuesday, LaBeouf, 29, gave his answers in poetic form as he discussed Alma Har’el’s documentary LoveTrue.

LaBeouf served as executive producer on the film, which explores the various ways in which people understand the concept of “true love.” Asked if he had ever met the subjects of the documentary, the actor responded with this poem:

“we’re all cut from the same cloth

I’ve been watching them from afar

for a few years now

it’s been quite powerful

Both w/ distance

& to be in the presence of

These people are magical

And extraordinarily strong

It’s humbling”

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As for whether LaBeouf’s understanding of love has evolved since the project started, he admits he doesn’t know too much about the four-letter word.

“My understanding of most things is pretty touch and go

But the three things

I know least about:

Love, art & God

I have a hunch they all mean the same thing

But again…. I’m just some actor guy

These things are best left

to people like Alma,” he said.

And while the star worked behind the camera this time, LaBeouf shares it may be his last foray into production work.

“That #TOUCHMYSOUL video you saw was made by FACT’s PR team

Not our collective

& though I think it’s beautiful

We were not involved creatively


This was a onetime thing I believe

I have no ambitions at all

to be a producer”

LoveTrue is out in limited release now.

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