Stump the Cat Running for President, May Be the Best Candidate

Make America Purrfect Again!

That’s what Stump the cat is aiming to do. He doesn’t have a stump speech (oddly enough) and his head of security is a sleeping dog, but this stunning Rhode Island resident is making waves in this eventful election season.

According to The New York Times, Stump and his owner Denise Rachiele decided to enter the cat into the running after three presidential campaign offices moved into the same strip mall as the All About Pets store, Stump’s Warwick residence.

This grassroots campaign is taking off with customers, who say they would gladly vote for the grey catnip lover over Donald Trump. Rachiele says Stump feels he has as much political acumen as the New York mogul and is running on the platform of “More Naps.”

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