‘Tanked’ star wants to install an aquarium for the next President

Animal Planet’s hit show “Tanked” returns for its 100th episode as brothers-in-law Wayde King and Brett Raymer install aquariums for some of the top athletes and Hollywood celebs in their newest season.

Owning the Las Vegas based Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) and having designed more than 200 aquariums, the duo works with some of the most dangerous and exotic fish, and tanks that range from 50 to five million gallons.

They have also worked with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, including Shaquille O’Neal, Johnny Damon, and Tracy Morgan.

“There is definitely pressure, but no different than any other person; we treat everybody as if they were a celebrity,” Raymer told FOX411. “The celebrities know the work we have done. A lot of these celebrities they watch the show, their families watch it, there kids watch it, someone in their family watches it and they know we can do an amazing job. We try to take their personality and put that into the aquarium, so it means more to them.”

This season they install tanks for Titus O’Neill, Nick Carter, 2-Chainz and many more, but King revealed where they want to showcase their talent next.

“We would love to put a tank in the White House!”

They believe aquariums connect with so many people because “fish is a universal language” and Raymer adds that the aquariums they build are like fine art.

“It’s not super expensive, it’s something you can have in your house, it’s something you can maintain yourself,” he said. “You can bring the ocean into your home or business, its living art!”

The installation process for this “living” art is an “intense” process that usually gets done in just 48 hours.

“You have to first have the area and location, you have to have power and ventilation,” Raymer explains. “You have to ship in live sand and water and then the tank comes in we have to disassemble it in Vegas and ship it and then we have to reassemble it and put it all together. Then we have to get the water acclimated and ready for fish; if that’s not ready we have to work with the celebrities and their time period day and night filming and getting it going.”

The brothers-in-law have a blast with their job but admit there are trade-offs.

“I think juggling a TV show and a regular business and family and you travel and make appearances; juggling all that I think is the difficult part,” Raymer said. “I think the fun part of it is to see the reaction of the world. Our show is in well over 150 countries, people come to visit us from all over the planet and to hear them say how much they love us and how much they love our show, it’s a good feeling.”

“Tanked” returns April 15th for its sixth season on Animal Planet.

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