Ted Cruz’s Daughters Want to Have Taylor Swift Over for Dinner at the White House

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz answered New York voters’ questions at a CNN town hall Wednesday night with Anderson Cooper, covering policy, primaries … and potential White House dinner guests.

Asked who the family would want to invite to the White House for dinner first if he is elected, Ted asked his daughter Caroline to answer. The 7-year-old (who turns 8 on Wednesday), asked her younger sister Catherine, 5, to answer.

Ultimately it was Ted’s wife and the girls’ mother, Heidi, who addressed the burning question. “The girls would love to have their first guest be Taylor Swift,” Heidi said. (Caroline quickly added that her favorite TSwift songs include “Bad Blood,” “Blank Space” and “Wildest Dreams.”)

Among the other personal questions of the night: one voter’s inquiry about the most annoying quality Ted’s family would say he possesses.

“I suspect Heidi would say my phone. I will admit I’m addicted to my iPhone games,” he told Cooper. “The flip side is the girls love the iPhone and we play Candy Crush and all sorts of games.”

Heidi, who just broke her silence about the “garbage” affair accusations aimed at her husband, also addressed the family dynamic on Dad’s campaign trail.

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“We have given them a lot of choices and they wanted to come on the road with us. They wanted to be a part of this,” Heidi said of her daughters (who appeared to be up well past their bedtime, as Caroline rubbed her eyes on stage). “I think they understand that it is something bigger than our family and they are excited to be part of something that their dad is doing, that their parents are doing.”

“And they know it’s for others. We talked about that from the very beginning. Why would Dad run for president? It’s to make this country a better place for other kids as well. So they were really excited to see what that meant.”

And what would a GOP town hall be without a question about Donald Trump? Cruz maintained that his recent primary wins make him a viable option for the party nomination, and he admits that he follows rival Trump on Twitter.

“The truth of the matter is, you could sit alone in the woods in the middle of nowhere,” said Ted, “and still hear Donald’s tweets.”

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