The Lightning-Fast Phone Charger That’s So Stylish, You May Look Forward to Losing Power

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Imagine you’re in the middle of a call with your BFF as she’s about to tell you about her date, when your phone dies. Or seeing that your crush has just texted, but your battery is out of juice so you can’t respond. Nightmare, right?

We’re all familiar with the dreaded cell phone fail, and thankfully, has a solution to this #firstworldproblem: the “Back Me Up!” mobile charger.

The compact gadget fits just about anywhere — in your handbag, office desk, gym tote — and charges your phone at lightning speed, saving you from dropping that important call with your boss or the swoon-worthy chat with your crush.

Thanks to its sleek, purse-friendly size, you can go from being in the red to fully charged without having to lug around a massive charger or be hooked up to your car to get more power. The best part? It’s super stylish. We love this heart print, but it’s also available in a gold-and-pink color-block pattern.

The “Back Me Up!” is so cute, you might actually look forward to having a drained battery. OK, maybe not, but at least you’ll look good while waiting for your phone to charge.

Buy It! “Back Me Up!” Mobile Phone Charger, $30;

Johnni Macke

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