‘The Morning After’: Eva Longoria Relaxes in Slippers with BFF Victoria Beckham Following Her Mexican Wedding

Posh in slippers? Anything for the bride!

Eva Longoria recuperated after her Saturday wedding to José Antonio Bastón with the help of friend Victoria Beckham on Sunday.

In an Instagram photo, Longoria and Beckham lounged alongside each other in matching gray slippers.

“Morning after foot attire… Me and VB relaxing by the lake,” she wrote, adding, “#YesIGotHerToWearUggs.”

Longoria and Bastón, president of Latin America media brand Televisa, got married in a sunset ceremony in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, a lakeside town outside of Mexico City.

“They married on an altar under lots of little lights,” a source told PEOPLE of the ceremony. “It was very romantic. Eva wore her hair down and smiled during the whole ceremony. He was in a gray suit.”

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Beckham, who designed Longoria’s white wedding dress, congratulated the actress on Instagram.

“The smartest, most beautiful woman I have ever met,” she wrote. “I feel honored to call you my friend X Such a wonderful day filled with Love X We love Pepe so much!!!”

Ahead of the ceremony, Bastón and the Beckhams spent the day hanging out by the pool. “Eva just looked so happy,” the source told PEOPLE. “She didn’t seem the least stressed about her wedding. You could tell that she very much she enjoyed celebrating her special day with friends.”

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