The Skin-Perfecting Lotions Celebs Love

If you love your legs, abs and upper arms just the way they are, congratulations (and can we get your trainer’s number slash your secret to self-confidence?). If, however, you’re like us and are happy with your body, but wouldn’t mind it looking more bronzed, more toned, firmer, tighter, less cellulite-y and in general more perfect, you’re going to want to shop this star-loved product (now in travel size!), available exclusively in this video.

When we first discovered Prtty Peashun, which Gwyneth Paltrow, Rihanna and Cate Blanchett use, we did what any sane woman would do: bought it in bulk. (Seriously, one editor has two in her office, three at home and one in her suitcase.)

Well, imagine our excitement when the magic stuff was launched in travel size.

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Now we don’t have to check our luggage for the sole purpose of having Prtty Peaushun on vacation (which we totally used to do and yes, it was worth it).

This is the only place where you can nab the plane-friendly size of the lotion (enter PEOPLE10 for an extra 10% off the price on orders $50 or more, plus free shipping) … and you better move fast because we know a few editors who are taking out their credit cards right now …

–Zoë Ruderman

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