WATCH AND SHOP: Found: An Anti-Aging Eye Product That Really Works

What if we told you we found an eye cream that has all the benefits of Botox, but costs half as much (and doesn’t involve needles!)? You’d want to buy it immediately, right? Great, because we tracked down an eye-targeting anti-aging serum that will totally transform your skincare routine.

Your eyes are usually the first area of your face to show signs of aging, so it’s important to treat them separately. Drunk Elephant’s Shaba complex formula doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients (fillers, dyes, etc.), which means you can apply it directly onto your eyelids — usually a big beauty no-no. The serum combats everything from fine lines, to puffiness and dark circles. Seriously, one bottle does it all, so now you can clean out your beauty cabinet.

Shop the miracle cream by clicking on the product above or going here. And since the product is over $50, you get 10% off, plus free shipping!

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