WATCH: The Easiest Way to Cover Up Roots – Instantly

The fight to cover up roots is just that — a fight. It takes hours at the salon to get your desired color, not to mention it costs a lot of money and it fades way too quickly. But this cover-up kit will completely change the way you deal with graying roots. For starters it costs under 35 bucks and takes no time at all.

The reason Joyus shoppers and style editors are so obsessed with Color Wow is because it’s the easiest way to tackle gray hairs. All you do is apply the color with the small end of the brush, hold the hair down tightly and dab the powder directly onto the roots.

Trust us, there’s absolutely no way you can mess this up. Just paint it on and see gray hairs disappear, instantly.

There are seven color options to chose from, and they all blend unbelievably well to any hair color. Plus, Color Wow is water proof so it won’t become streaky if you’re working up a sweat at the gym or get caught in the rain. The only way it washes out is with shampoo.

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— Colleen Kratofil

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