WATCH: Why Ashley Williams Wanted to Sit in Her Closet, Eat Pizza and Cry After Giving Birth

Is “me time” for new mothers a myth?

That’s what ESPN Sportscenter host Hannah Storm says in a new Mom Talk video, although she does try to find some ever-elusive personal time in the shower.

“It’s really hard for someone to burst in on you in the shower — although it can be done,” she says.

While Coco Austin reveals that she’ll get up early, shower and put on make-up, Ashley Williams can’t even wrap her mind around such a personal luxury.

Hannah Storm Coco Austin Ashley Williams Mom Talk

“Right after I had Gus, I had just been through 24 hours of labor, and then I suddenly started the biggest job of my life,” she says.

“I’m likening it to running five marathons in a row, taking a quick shower, then starting the biggest job I’ve ever had. I remember trying to figure out when I was going to process the birth because I had no time for that.”

What did Williams want to do to recover from the “five marathons” that is child labor? Precisely what everyone does to process major life events: Eat pizza in the closet and cry.

— Maria Yagoda

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