We Tried it: a Quiz That Matches You With Your Perfect Perfume

What Is It:Pinrose, a brand of unique fragrances that uses an online quiz to make choosing a fragrance easy.

Who Tried It Jillian Ruffo, Associate Beauty Editor

Why I Did It: I’m beyond picky with perfume — I’ll try anything, but only one fragrance has kept me loyal for the past six years. So when I came across Pinrose, which promises to match me with fragrances that I’m sure to love, I was interested.

Pinrose fragrancesBrian Nichols/People

Pinrose’s array of scents, each entirely different from the next, are all created by renowned perfumers from all over the world — we’re talking the noses behind Tom Ford Black Orchid and Ralph Lauren Romance. Erika Shumate, one of the brand’s founders, explains that her and her partner simply provide each perfumer with a mood board — or even a song — and let them create whatever they’re inspired to. And the results are like nothing you’ve smelled before.

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When it comes to shopping, they’ve made the experience so personal that you almost feel like the scent is blended just for you. Here’s how it works: When you get to the site, you’re prompted to take a “scent personality” quiz. After clicking through a series of photos — bathroom sinks, landscapes, colors — and even sound clips, and choosing the ones that resonate with you, you then input your birthday, and your results are then filtered through an algorithm, determining your “personality”.

Pinrose fragrancesBrian Nichols/People

I was determined to be a “Charmer”, which matches with three fragrances: Cuddle Punk (which has notes of vanilla, tobacco, and patchoili), Secret Genius (with notes of caramel, white chocolate, and sandalwood) and Pillowtalk Poet (with notes of powder, clove leaf and musk).

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To find out if my matches truly were perfect for me, I ordered all three (at $55 a pop) — and sure enough I loved them all. My favorite is Cuddle Punk, which is perfect by itself or mixed with either of the other two (the brand encourages mixing any of their scents together), allowing for tons of experimentation. If my mood is saying sweet, I’ll layer Cuddle Punk with Secret Genius, or if I’m looking for something on the calmer side, I’ll add a spritz of Pillowtalk Poet.

And as if this concept couldn’t get any better, Pinrose also sells packs of tiny “petals” — individually-packaged fragrance swabs so you can try a variety of scents before you commit — and they also make for the best travel-friendly fragrances ever. But the best part? With top notch perfumers and high-quality ingredients, what you’re getting is a luxury fragrance — but at a very low cost.

The Verdict: After smelling all of the petals, I’m obsessed with all of these fragrances — and with 10 totally different scents, there’s something for everyone — or for every mood.

Would you try a fragrance based on an online quiz? Tell us below!

–Jillian Ruffo

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