What happened to Patricia Arquette at the Oscars?

Patricia Arquette was calm when she came on stage at the 88th Annual Academy Awards to present the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor… maybe a little too calm.

Arquette unenthusiastically read the nominees, leaving viewers wondering if she was bored, tired or sedated.

Is Patricia Arquette on Quaaludes or something.

— Jon Benne (@LordBenne) February 29, 2016

Patricia Arquette putting me to sleep. #Oscars

— Lani (@nomadichead) February 29, 2016

Is Patricia Arquette on drugs? #Oscars

— Harriet Thugman 卌 (@thosekellogs) February 29, 2016

I think Patricia Arquette was hitting the oxycodone before she came out to present. Wake up! #Oscars#Oscars2016

— Mike Dunn (@mike_dunn_74) February 29, 2016

Patricia Arquette, the audition for the Valium commercial isn’t til Tuesday! #Oscars#Oscar2016

— James Huang (@1jameshuang) February 29, 2016

When the camera cut to Arquette to announce the winner, she was unaware all eyes were on her as she was looking off somewhere.

“Oh sorry,” she said with a laugh.

Mark Rylance won the award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Bridge of Spies.”

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