You’ve Never Tried an At-Home Peel That’s This Gentle

Glycolic peels can be an intimidating treatment when they’re administered by experienced dermatologists, let alone when you’re on your own at home. (Has anyone else suffered from a lobster-red face days afterward?) Well, never again fear those scary side effects with this incredibly gentle (and insanely effective) at-home progressive peel kit.

One reason you should put your trust (or should we say, face) in this product is because it was created by a dermatologist who knows a thing or two about skincare. Dr. Schultz has performed over 50,000 peels throughout his three-decade-long practice (yes, that’s 50,000!) and designed this kit to create glowing, younger-looking skin right at home.

He tells us glycolic peels are extremely important in skincare treatments because they not only leave your skin brighter, they enhance every other skincare product you use as well. (We’re talking airbrush-like qualities from your normal makeup.)

The kit comes with three products to use in stages. First you apply the serum for two weeks, then advance to pads to speed up exfoliation and finally graduate to a cream, which is the most powerful of the trio. The most amazing aspect of the kit is that it’s effective enough to produce glowing skin, yet safe enough for every skin type — yes, that even includes those with the most sensitive skin issues.

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— Colleen Kratofil

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